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Jah9 | Interview | Jussbuss Acoustic | Episode 11

Jah9 | Interview | Jussbuss Acoustic | Episode 11

Watch Rach & Dru interview Jah9 at Funky Monkey, New Kgn, Jamaica, presented by Red Stripe, released on May 10, 2014.

Directed by Pierce Mclean & Andrew Jackson

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  1. Dave

    though he was very much mentally and slolaicy disabled he had several instances of brillance. for example, after not seeing my friend for almost 2 years he remembered the model, make, color, condition and year of his car. Also, im not sure of the context but someone made some crazy mathmatical comment about something and wesley willis blurted some number which happened to be the exact answer to the equation. so, from my second hand knowledge i would guess wesley willis has some part savant in him.